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Beamish (Durham), 19th November 2016

Young Mensa North are visiting the historic city of Durham again. This time we will be visiting the fantastic open air museum, Beamish.

Beamish is a world famous museum that gives an insight into how the world, or the North East to be specific, worked in the late 1800's to early 1900's.

At Beamish you will find a variety of historically recreated scenes and buildings, like the traditional sweet shop which always proves to be popular. For people like me, there are steam engines, trams and a variety of mechanical contraptions.

On Saturday we will meet in the Water House Pub near the train station at 11am however if anybody wants to join me for a relaxed breakfast I will be there from 10am. From here we will make our way to Durham bus station in order to take the bus to Beamish which gives a 25% Discount.

We will then spend a glorious and fascinating day at one of the worlds greatest museums, Beamish.

The museum closes at 4pm so we will then travel back to Durham for drinks starting at the Water House Pub at around 5:30pm.

If we get over 15 members we may also be eligible for a further group discount, though I am unsure whether this stacks with the bus discount.

Please feel free to join us at any point in the day, contact details are below.

A little aside:
Another great thing I love about Beamish is that it hosts a wonderful image archive of historic images, books and oral history recordings. These photographs, books and recordings are a great insight into the history of the people of the UK.

I take my hat off to the people of Beamish for providing this poorly advertised and little known source.


  • 1000-1100 - Relaxed breakfast at the Water House Pub
  • 1100 - Meet at the Water House Pub
  • 1200 - Beamish
  • 1730-onw - Drinks at the Water House Pub followed by wandering the city

Further Information or If You Get Lost

Please feel free to call or text me on 07915427377.

I hope to see you there.

Richard Brückner

Richard Brückner

Metalworking, engineering design, circuit design, software development. I like knowing how things work, making things work and building things that work. Its all good fun.

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Beamish (Durham), 19th November 2016
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