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Board Games Afternoon, 21st January 2018

If you've played board games with Mensans before, you won't need me to persuade you to join us for an afternoon of gaming; if you haven't played with us before, you're missing out!

Doctor Duncan's, Liverpool, 15:30, Sunday 21st January 2018

We'll have a selection of board and card games with us and you're very welcome to bring along your own; no prior knowledge is assumed so don't worry if your experience doesn't extend far past Scrabble.


Doctor Duncan's is an old-fashioned looking pub, with tiled walls and big tartan armchairs; named after William Henry Duncan, Liverpool's first Medical Officer of Health. It's known for its selection of guest ales, and has a good variety of spirits too.


It serves traditional pub grub until 19:30, including pies from the famous Pieminister.

The pub is within 5-15 minutes walk of the main train stations and the bus station; if you are driving in then we'd recommend the NCP at Moorfields , which seems to be the cheapest.

If you get lost

If you need help finding us then you can call or text the Phone Robot for directions, or "encouragement": 0144 360 6367

We also always keep a close eye on our Telegram group during all our events, so if you're lost or running late, you can get in touch with us there - and it's a great place to chat with us when we aren't running events, too.

Board Games Afternoon, 21st January 2018
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