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Caving in the Peak District, 21st April 2018

Calling all adventurers: we are embarking on a caving trip to some areas that you shouldn't go without someone who knows what they're doing!

Caving, Peak District, 10:30, Saturday 21st April 2018

We'll pop down one cave in the morning, have lunch in the fresh air and then go down into another cave in the afternoon, with the day lasting around six hours.

There are several caves that we may go into, the most likely being Giants, Bagshawe and Carlswark; we'll decide based on the bravery of those attending! Abseiling, wet feet and "through rips" are all possible, so if you'd like to come but are put off by any particular aspect then just let us know in advance and we'll work around it.


We have 8 places available at a cost of £22.50 per person; use the PayPal button or link below to sign up. This is a brilliant price which you'll be hard pushed to match elsewhere! This includes a qualified instructor and equipment (oversuits, wellies, knee pads, helmets, lights and gloves). We will send you an info and medical/disclaimer form to fill out in advance so the right sizes can be provided.

If you want to ask us any questions before you book, email us at contact@youngmensanorth.com.

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You’ll need warm clothes, ideally tracksuit bottoms/fleece trousers or similar, and at least 2 warm top layers (thermal and fleece type things), thick socks and optional hat without a bobble that will fit under a helmet if you want - and don't forget your packed lunch!

We'll meet at the car park in Castleton at the visitor centre to get kitted up before driving up to Giants, which is at the top of Winnatts Pass. This will allow us to condense cars and there are toilets in the visitor centre.

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The nearest train station is Hope. If you want to come by train let us know as we will be happy to come and collect you from the station.

Can't find us?

If you need help finding us then you can call or text the Phone Robot for directions (or for some encouragement to come along): 0144 360 6367.

Usually we would keep a close eye on our Telegram chat group during all our events, but the reception in Castleton is not great so don't rely on it. Make sure you know where you're going before you set off!

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Laura Brown

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Caving in the Peak District, 21st April 2018
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