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Drinks at Cane & Grain, 18th August 2016

Let's go out for a couple of nice weeknight cocktails in Manchester!

  • Cane & Grain, Thursday the 18th of August 2016, 19:00

Cane & Grain is an atmospheric and idiosyncratic cocktail bar in the heart of Manchester's hip Northern Quarter. As well as what's on the menu, there are a few interesting cocktails available that don't make it to the official list.

So, what's this place all about?

This isn't a place to get bored easily. While downstairs is an NYC style ribs-n-cocktails bar, upstairs there's a tiki bar, the Liars' Lounge, serving the usual interesting flaming cocktails. But more interestingly again, Cane & Grain is also home to one of the Northern Quarter's more accessible secret bars, which we'll show you!

We'll start by meeting on the ground floor, and move up to one (or both) of the other bars once everyone's arrived.

Both the downstairs and upstairs also serve food, so feel free to make this part of your dinner plans.

Well, how do I get there, then?

* [Map link](https://goo.gl/maps/tkMnKHPgJzN2)

Cane & Grain is really very conveniently located. It's right in the middle of Thomas Street, two minutes south-east from Shudehill and four minutes north-east from Market Street. Trams are the ideal way to reach it, or it's a short walk from Victoria Station if you're taking the train. Shudehill bus station is also handy for the buses - and even the Megabus if you're coming from out of town. For those who are driving, plenty of cheap parking is available ten minutes' walk to the north-east past Great Ancoats Street.

If you're coming from outside Manchester, here's a rundown of affordable hotels in the area.

What if I've never been to an event before?

Over the last few months, the membership of Young Mensa North has grown rapidly. So much so, that at many of our recent events, more than half of all attendees have been first timers!

We aim to be the very opposite of a closed clique, and whether you're attending for the first time by yourself or bringing a friend, you'll find the group is always very informal and relaxed and welcoming.

We like to run these weeknight social events occasionally to bring together those people who can't always manage our more regular weekend events, so even if you're already one of our weekend regulars, you're bound to meet some fresh faces this time. And why not bring a non-Mensan friend along, and show them what we're like?

How can I find out more, and spread the word?

The success of events like these is driven largely by word of mouth. We always appreciate your help in getting them seen on your social networks, so here are some links to our social media - and if you'd like to share any of these, please feel free!

And if you'd like to get closer to the Young Mensa North community, why not join our Telegram chat group? If you don't already have the app, you don't need to download anything - you can simply use the web client to get on right away.

Finally, if you get lost on the way to the event, or need any encouragement, or just like a nice soothing robotic voice reading event information to you, then call our Phone Robot on 0144 360 6367.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Eugene Hopkinson

Eugene Hopkinson

Director of the VoxelStorm indie gamedev studio, C++ programmer, photographer, alumnus of philosophy at University of Edinburgh, regular at Young Mensa North pub events.

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Drinks at Cane & Grain, 18th August 2016
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