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Games Afternoon, 7th April 2019

Our first Sunday of the month board games afternoon is a great place to meet new Mensans and have some fun in an informal setting.

Doctor Duncan's, Liverpool, 14:00, Sunday 7th April 2019

We'll have a small selection of board and card games with us, but it would help if you brought along your favourites too. Don't worry, no prior knowledge is assumed, so if your experience doesn't extend far past Scrabble, there will be someone to explain the rules.

Board games have proven to be a great way to get to know people; check out our blog for a write-up on some previous events.

This is a family-friendly event and we welcome family and friends of Mensans too. Children are very welcome, however under 18s are only allowed in the pub until 5pm. This still gives us 3 hours of playing time though, so please do bring your family along.


Doctor Duncan's is an old-fashioned looking pub, with tiled walls and big tartan armchairs; named after William Henry Duncan, Liverpool's first Medical Officer of Health. It's known for its selection of guest ales, and has a good variety of spirits too.


It serves traditional pub grub until 19:30.

The pub is excellently located for public transport- it's just over the road from Lime Street station, and just round the corner from Queen's Square bus station. If you're driving in then we'd recommend the NCP at Moorfields, which seems to be the cheapest.

If you get lost

If you need help finding us then you can call or text the Phone Robot for directions, or "encouragement": 0144 360 6367

We also always keep a close eye on the Facebook event during all our events, so if you're lost or running late, you can get in touch with us there or on our Telegram group .

Games Afternoon, 7th April 2019
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