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Go Karting, 19th August 2017

Our last go-karting event was a great success, so we're repeating the formula:

We've always noticed that Mensans can be rather competitive, and go karting is a very fun way to express that. The indoor track at Daytona Manchester is a good one, with a little bridge section, and petrol karts that let you drift all over the place if the mood takes you.

After the race, you get your best and average lap times, and can see where you placed against the other Mensans racing (and any muggles on course at the time).

Booking and arriving

The price is £30. We're going for the 17:30 40-minute session - please arrive at 17:00 so we have time to register, change into the overalls and start the safety briefing on time. If you'd like us to book for you, please send over £30 to paypal@youngmensanorth.com along with a note of your full name, and we'll make sure you're on the right session. Spaces are limited, so make sure you book in ASAP. Alternatively, you can book for yourself on the official site - but please make sure you get the right session on the right day!


After the race, we'll retire for dinner and drinks to the Dockyard pub, nearby at MediaCity. This is a lively place, popular with those working at the television studios nearby, with an extensive drinks menu, good food, and a unique decor style. From there, it's possible to get the tram straight into town, and plenty of parking is also available.

Getting there

If you're driving, you can park at Daytona itself, as per the map above. It's also easy to take the tram out to MediaCity, and take a ten minute walk past the scenic Imperial War Museum down to Daytona - this may also be the best option for those drinking with dinner. If you're fond of buses, the ubiquitous 50 also runs through the area.

If you need help finding us then you can call or text the Phone Robot for event information, directions, and even robotic encouragement: 0144 360 6367

We also always keep an eye on our Telegram group at the start of our events so you can get in touch with us there.

Eugene Hopkinson

Eugene Hopkinson

Director of the VoxelStorm indie gamedev studio, C++ programmer, photographer, alumnus of philosophy at University of Edinburgh, regular at Young Mensa North pub events.

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Go Karting, 19th August 2017
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