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East Meets West at Hebden Bridge - 10th Dec 2016

This year saw a major step forward for Young Mensa in the UK - a number of successful events in collaboration between the former Young Mensa North West and Young Mensa North East, now known jointly as Young Mensa North. What better way to celebrate the co-evolution of East and West, than with a joint event... right in the middle?

  • Hebden Bridge, 10th December 2016, 16:00

Hebden Bridge is a scenic old market town up in the hills, situated along the edge of Lancashire and West Yorkshire. It has recently been spoken of, only half-jokingly, as "Britain's second city" - it is positioned close to the combined population barycentre of Manchester and Leeds, and is close to the geographical centre of Britain as a whole. There are a lot of interesting things to say about Hebden Bridge - it's often described as a hub of the arts, is titled the "lesbian capital of Britain", and provides a unique mix of scenery, history and culture.

Most crucially, despite seeming remote on the map, it has excellent transport links to both East and West. It can be reached by train in just 31 minutes from Manchester Victoria, and in 47 minutes from Leeds. As such, this presents a great opportunity for folks from the West to spend some time with those they may not have met before from the East. It's also a great time for newcomers to join us for the first time and meet both sides of the country!

We'll meet at The Old Gate at 16:00, a nice classic pub with good food. It's easy to find, right in the centre of town along the main street by both the river and the canal. It's a short walk from the train station, and there's on-street parking in the street alongside and in nearby car parks in the town. They're well known for their food, so we'll hang around here for a bite of dinner.

Afterwards, we'll explore Hebden Bridge a bit more - perhaps popping in to Nelson's Wine Bar and then further along to The White Lion.

The last train to Manchester is at 23:26 and to Leeds at 23:31, so there's no need to rush off early. If you're coming from either Manchester or Leeds, and want to meet up en route, let us know on our Telegram chat group or on our Facebook group.

As always, if you get lost or require encouragement or more information, catch us on Telegram, or call or text the Phone Robot on 0144 360 6367. Hope to see you there - this is going to be a good one!

Eugene Hopkinson

Eugene Hopkinson

Director of the VoxelStorm indie gamedev studio, C++ programmer, photographer, alumnus of philosophy at University of Edinburgh, regular at Young Mensa North pub events.

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East Meets West at Hebden Bridge - 10th Dec 2016
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