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Indie Short Film Night, Manchester, 6th of December 2017

IndieFlicks is an event showcasing short films from around the world, with a chance to vote on your favourite, and have questions answered by the film makers. This is one of a regular set of events - the last ones went down very well, and started some very interesting discussions between the attending Mensans.

  • IndieFlicks, Texture MCR, Manchester, 19:30, 6th of December 2017

The Venue

Texture MCR is a chic and modern minimalist venue in the heart of Manchester's Northern Quarter, near the top of Lever Street. A short walk from any of Piccadilly Gardens, Market Street or Shudehill tram stops, and fifteen minutes from Manchester Victoria train station. Cheap parking is available just to the north east.

Arrive early for a drink with us before the films start! Afterwards we will retreat to the nearby Castle for drinks and discussion.


Tickets are £6, and must be booked in advance: https://uk.funzing.com/funz/indieflicks-short-film-night-manchester-6269

If you get lost

If you need help finding us then you can call or text the Phone Robot for directions, or "encouragement": 0144 360 6367

We also always keep a close eye on our Telegram group during all our events, so if you're lost or running late, you can get in touch with us there - and it's a great place to chat with us when we aren't running events, too.

Hannah Eisenberg

Hannah Eisenberg

Hannah is an Engineer. She does Engineery things. And crafts. Because, why not? Already an expert introvert, she is now trying her hand at extraversion.

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Indie Short Film Night, Manchester, 6th of December 2017
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