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Leeds Midweek Drinks, 30th November 2017

Our midweek drinks are among our most popular events, so we're taking them to Leeds for the first time. These are great events for getting to know Young Mensans from all walks of life - they're especially good for newcomers, but our regulars are very welcome.

Mean Eyed Cat, Leeds, 19:00, Thursday 30th November 2017

As well as a fine selection of craft beers and cocktails, there's a couple of special features that make the Mean Eyed Cat stand out. Not only is there free mini-pizza with every drink between 5 and 9PM, you're also encouraged to roll a die with your order - an even number means your drink is discounted, or possibly even free!


This is the first of what we're hoping will become a regular series of events, so if another day of the week or location suits you, please let us know and we'll look at making sure you can come to the next one.

The Mean Eyed Cat is on Merrion Street, on the north end of Leeds city centre. It's within easy reach of plenty of bus routes, or approximately 15 minutes walk from the train station. For anyone driving, there's also several multi-storey car parks very nearby.

If you get lost
If you need help finding us then you can call or text the Phone Robot for directions (or for some encouragement to come along): 0144 360 6367

Perhaps there are some newcomers coming along and you'd like us to keep an eye out for you; let us know by emailing us at contact@youngmensanorth.com, or contacting us on Facebook or Telegram.

We also always keep an eye on our Telegram group at the start of our events so you can get in touch with us there - and it's a great place to chat with us when we're not running events, too.

Oliver Bailey

Oliver Bailey

Regionally confused, sartorially challenged. Hobbies include dark tourism and applying lotions to exotic animals.

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Leeds Midweek Drinks, 30th November 2017
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