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Manchester: Escape Room, Sunday 24th of September

Following on from the previous week’s (presumably) roaring triumph, Young Mensa North returns to Manchester to once again have a bash at escaping a sealed room.

Breakout High Street, Manchester - 14:30, Sunday 24th September

If you’ve never tried an escape room, it’s the completely sane and rational endeavour of willingly being locked in a room and solving a variety of puzzles in an attempt to extricate ourselves before the time runs out and we all die a horrible death.
Either that or we’ll just get let out with a “better luck next time”. I forget which.

The room we’ll be busting our way out of is called Facility X, described by the website rather cheerfully:

You arrive at an unknown location for a once in a lifetime opportunity; a conference held by the critically acclaimed, Dr. Andrews. His work is widely known throughout the research circles, but he has remained hidden in the shadows for years. What you don’t know, is that Dr. Andrews has gone mad, creating a string of tests that have gone disastrously wrong. He has brought you here for his final experiment. You have one hour to escape his maze of tricks and games, before a deadly virus kills you all.

Places are limited so if you’d like to come along, email me at mike@mensanorthwest.com, or send me a message via Facebook or Telegram and we’ll arrange a PayPal or something similar. Each place will cost £16.
Please note that if we pass the maximum capacity for the room, we’ll be booking a second and splitting the group in two, with both games running at the same time.


We’ll be meeting at 13:30 at the Shakespeare pub - though some of us will undoubtedly turn up a little earlier - which is just down the road from the venue, around the corner from the Market Street tram stop, ten minutes or so from Manchester Piccadilly train station.

Assuming we don’t get locked in forever, we’ll likely head in the direction of the Northern Quarter for food, drinks and conversation. When that happens, we’ll update the Telegram and Facebook groups accordingly.

Map link to the Shakespeare
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For further travel information you could have a look at the venue's website.

If you get lost
If you need help finding us then you can call or text the Phone Robot for directions (or for some encouragement to come along): 0144 360 6367

We also always keep an eye on our Telegram group at the start of our events so you can get in touch with us there.

Mike Byrne

Mike Byrne

Most definitely not an android infiltrator bent on subverting human progress. Enjoys breathing oxygen, having skin covering his fragile skeletal frame, converting biomass into energy, and kittens.

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Manchester: Escape Room, Sunday 24th of September
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