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Manchester Midweek Drinks, 10th January 2018

Let's all get together to help each other through the January blues, at our most popular recurring event! These are well attended for a reason: they are a great chance to relax in good company, have some interesting conversation and meet some very friendly Mensans.

Bar 21, Manchester, 19:00, Wednesday 10th January 2018

We've chosen Bar 21 as our regular haunt for three reasons: the tasty and speedy food, the good and cheap drinks, and the friendly atmosphere. It's also pretty quiet midweek, and has a popular culture theme, so it suits us well.

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Hopefully there will be some of you who work in town, so it will be easy for you to pop in straight after work; if you are coming from further afield then worry not, we will be in the bar until closing.

If you're travelling into town for the event, we'd recommend getting the tram to either Shudehill, Victoria or Piccadilly Gardens, depending on what line suits you. If you really have to drive, you should find some cheap car parks just beyond the ring road (the controlled zone ends there).

If you get lost

If you need help finding us then you can call or text the Phone Robot for directions, or "encouragement": 0144 360 6367

We also always keep a close eye on our Telegram group during all our events, so if you're lost or running late, you can get in touch with us there - and it's a great place to chat with us when we aren't running events, too.

Catriona Quin

Catriona Quin

Catriona counts things for a living. Having fled from Scotland she is now a mother figure to a growing brood of Mensans.

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Manchester Midweek Drinks, 10th January 2018
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