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Manchester Midweek Drinks & Discuss, 13th March 2019

This is the latest in our series of events designed to instigate conversation and introspection among our members; a twist on the regular midweek drinks.

Bar 21, Manchester, 19:00, Wednesday 13th March 2019

As well as the usual lively organic conversation, we'll have an interlude where we discuss a topic that we hope will be of interest to Mensans. We'll let you know what this is in advance so you can read up beforehand and come prepared if you wish, or you could be brave and "wing it".

For this month's discussion, our topic will be: is there such a thing as a 'bad' emotion (i.e. unambiguously negative in every situation) and if so should we do anything about them?

We'll be holding this event in our usual midweek haunt, Bar 21. This is a really cool TV & movie themed bar, with each table dedicated to a different cult classic.


Young Mensa North particularly like Bar 21 due to their reasonably priced drinks including a cocktail menu, and their food is good and served quickly - ideal for those coming straight from work.

Bar 21 is on Thomas Street in the Northern Quarter, a short walk from Shudehill and Market Street tram stops and also Piccadilly Bus Station. This is especially convenient for anyone working in the city centre, who can stay in town to meet with us - but we're also going to be around late enough that visitors from the rest of the Northern region can get there in plenty of time.

If you are driving then you may be able to park in the nearby streets, charges will apply. The controlled zone ends at the ring road, so you may find somewhere free to park there, and there are several cheap car parks just beyond it, around five or ten minutes walk from the bar.

If you get lost

If you need help finding us then you can call or text the Phone Robot for directions, or "encouragement": 0144 360 6367

We also always keep a close eye on our Telegram group during all our events, so if you're lost or running late, you can get in touch with us there - and it's a great place to chat with us when we aren't running events, too.

Manchester Midweek Drinks & Discuss, 13th March 2019
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