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Midweek Drinks & Discuss, 20th June 2018

This is another of our regular midweek drinks with an element of intellectual discussion - designed to give us something to challenge our minds a little and hear other Mensans' perspectives.

The Briton's Protection, Manchester, 19:00, Wednesday 20th June 2018

For this month's discussion, our topic will be: is there such a thing as information too dangerous for an individual to know?

We intend to focus specifically on the implications on the individual in question, rather than on secondary consequences to others. You may like to read up on the subject in advance, or feel free to "wing it".

There will also be plenty of time for unstructured conversation about whatever we like. We always warmly welcome newcomers (and we're quite nice to old faces too), so please do come along!


The Briton's Protection is a grade II listed, at least two-hundred-year-old pub steeped in history and full of architectural features - a bit of an old man's pub, very cosy and friendly. They have a famous whisky selection of over 200 varieties, as well as an excellent selection of real ales. They also serve food, so don't worry about turning up hungry.

If the weather is nice enough then we will sit outside in their beer garden. We always stick around for a few hours, so feel free to come later on (if you like, you can contact us on Facebook or Telegram to check we are still there).

The Briton's Protection is just a short walk from Deansgate or St Peter's Square metrolink stations, and from the main bus routes. If you are driving then you could park in the Bridgewater Hall NCP, which has good evening rates.

Can't find us?

As always, you can call or text the Phone Robot for assistance, directions and encouragement: 0144 360 6367

We'll also be keeping an eye on our Telegram group, which is a good way to catch us for last minute directions.

Midweek Drinks & Discuss, 20th June 2018
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