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New Dawn? People's History Museum, 29th April 2017

As we're on the cusp of yet another unprecedented moment in British politics, it may be interesting to look back at another pivotal point in our political history.

New Dawn?, People's History Museum, Manchester, 14:00, Saturday 29th April 2017

This is a temporary exhibition focusing on New Labour's victory in the 1997 general election, the expectations of the British public and the how this actually played out in reality.

We'll meet in the Left Bank Cafe Bar within the museum, and then go on through to the exhibition together. Depending on how everyone feels, we may also wander through some of the other parts of the museum.

The museum and exhibition are free, with a voluntary donation of £3 suggested.

When we're done with the museum we'll walk down to Salford and spend the evening in some of its famous pubs; I imagine we may have a lot to discuss!

If you can't make it to the museum but would like to join us later, you'll find us in The King's Arms in Salford at 18:00, just down the road from the museum. This pub dates back to 1807, but as we discovered on our historic Salford pub crawl a while back, nothing notable has happened in it's 210 year history. We decided it redeemed itself by having a "jolly nice set of taps", which is why this is our pub of choice to move on to.

The museum is easy to get to no matter how you're planning to travel; their website gives much more detailed information on this than I could tell you, so I'd recommend having a look there.

First time coming to a Young Mensa event?

Feel free to let us know you're coming by emailing us at [contact@youngmensanorth.com](mailto:contact@youngmensanorth.com?subject=New Dawn?) or by posting on our Facebook group, and we'll make sure to look out for you.

Please don't think you're too old for Young Mensa if you can remember the general election of '97, lots of us can too!

If you get lost

If you need help finding us then you can call or text the Phone Robot for directions (or for some encouragement to come along): 0144 360 6367.

We also always keep an eye on our Telegram group at the start of our events so you can get in touch with us there.

New Dawn? People's History Museum, 29th April 2017
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