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Picnic and Museum, Sheffield, 28th July 2019

Sheffield - A "walk" in the park!

*Weston Park Museum, Sheffield, 12:00, Sunday 28th July 2019

This July, hoping to capitalise on the good weather we'll be heading to Weston Park Museum in Sheffield. Join us for a picnic, stroll around the park and visit to the Museum. Bring some food (to share or for yourself), a picnic blanket and pray for sunshine!


There are many installations in the museum, which are suitable for all ages. Some are permanent and some are temporary, about Sheffield and further afield - for more information see the museum website:

Weston Park Museum Link

Map Link

The Museum is very easily accessible by public transport, being only a few minutes walk from the University of Sheffield tram stop. More details are available on their website
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Laura Brown

Laura Brown

My favourite number is e, and I love going for walks with my book, it eats less than a dog...

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Picnic and Museum, Sheffield, 28th July 2019
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