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York: Murder Mystery Event, Saturday 4th November 2017

Young Mensa North are returning to York to take part in the City-Wide Murder Mystery Event, hosted by CluedUpp Games for the release of the new Murder on the Orient Express film. - booking closes on Tuesday 31st October so let us know asap if you're coming!

The Punch Bowl, York - 12:00, Saturday 4th November 2017

Each team will get a series of clues to work out who the murderer is, Cluedo-style. We’ll have to walk around the city to locate and solve the clues so choose sensible footwear!

There are also prizes, including:

  • Top scoring team
  • Best dressed team (Poirot theme)
  • Best team name

More information can be found on the event website.


The plan
We’ll meet at The Punch Bowl between 12-12:30pm, sort ourselves into teams and start the challenge by 1pm. The murder mystery should take between 1 and 4 hours to complete. Afterwards we’ll reconvene at the Punch Bowl for drinks and food for anyone that wants to stick around. We may choose to move somewhere else after but this’ll give us a good meeting point. Fancy dress is Poirot themed – spats at the ready!

Teams are a maximum of six people, and how many teams we have will depend on the number of confirmed attendees. The price will vary based on the number of people per team, but won't exceed £8, so please bring this amount on the day.

How to get there
The Punch Bowl is a Wetherspoons (as usual for Young Mensa North), located on Blossom Street, just around the corner from the station. If you're on Stonegate, you're in the wrong Punch Bowl.

If you get lost
If you need help finding us then you can call or text the Phone Robot for directions (or for some encouragement to come along): 0144 360 6367

Perhaps there are some newcomers coming along and you'd like us to keep an eye out for you; let us know by emailing us at contact@youngmensanorth.com.

If you're not sure about how to get to York station, or you'd like information about where to park, take a look at the National Rail website for information.

We also always keep an eye on our Telegram group at the start of our events so you can get in touch with us there.

Laura Brown

Laura Brown

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York: Murder Mystery Event, Saturday 4th November 2017
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